About the Author

I am everything the title of this blog says, I am fat 5’5 and 225 pounds to be exact, although it waivers on its own. I am also a waitress, serving food and bullshit (with a smile) since 2005. These two things make me who I am, combined with my thirst for knowledge I have been able to learn my own place in the world through the main ideas of fat acceptance and feminism.

I have been lost and felt alone long enough in my youth to strive for something different from not only myself but also others around me. That is why I write this blog. In hopes of someone who is where I was and making them believe that there is more than one way to go through life no matter whom you are.

I am an idealist and a cynic, throw some actual intelligence in there with the balls to tell you how I feel you have someone that can be quite amusing or annoying depending on who you ask.

This blog is about my life, observations I make about the world around me and the things I love.