A Note To Self: Tis’ the season….

….for the country to start our diets. For us to be told our body does not fit into the slim category that is considered healthy. I have considered this, 90% of diets fail, dieting is actually counterproductive since they cause you to gain weight in the long run. For some reason we have been led to believe that starving our self to become thin is the way to go. Beautiful bodies get smaller for pure vanity, when the emptiness they feel inside is not from loneliness, but from a long campaign from advertisers that glamorize thinness to sell products.

We strive for quick fixes when what we need are found within our self not from weight-loss. Most people in this country are malnourished, but when you’re thin eating food is something that is not given any thought, until you see someone fat eating the same thing. When it comes down to it, you can be fat and healthy they are words that are not opposites like so many people try to make us believe but are possible and happen everyday. I say be active, find out what really bugs you about yourself and possibly you will find pure happiness. Oh and realize that only you can change your self.