Remembering Home

I’ve been sitting around, waiting, contemplating about writing something. Sometimes I don’t know how to let things out, how to put in words what I am feeling at any certain moment. When the season changes it reminds me of my past; all of the good parts that I have forgotten and all of the pieces that make me happy of my home. Spring came last week reminding me of Cass Lake, in front of our house, the lake would thaw leaving the canals still clogged with ice and snow. The ice that was broken up from the center of the lake would get taken with the current finding it’s self getting flung against the shore and canal. The sound during this time was a mixture of gurgling, splashing, and the noise glass makes when struck against one another. It is part of my childhood that I will never get back. The home I grew up in still exists but is no longer mine.

I live 10 minutes from that house, but no longer a resident of West Bloomfield Township, I find my self annoyed when people complain about living in my hometown. West Bloomfield is my home, to me it was biking in the spring on the chilly days, swimming, boating and tubing on the warm days. It was walking around barefoot with a bathing suit on, day in and day out. It was perfection with bright colors. All of my memories of my childhood are good; the bad days have been forgotten. In the fall my dad would spend hours raking the leaves from the 15 full grown trees that occupied our backyard. Winter always came with sadness, I wanted the warm days to continue but by the time that snow was on its way I was ready for it with a smile. During winter, my brother and I would go to my friend JP’s house where we would walk threw the woods that once existed near his house. We took our sleds with us and made our way to the ultimate sledding hill Big Ben. Big Bed was a 100 foot long sledding hill that was shaped like a toboggan run. It was risking life or death as a kid if you would go down Big Ben in a saucer sled.

West Bloomfield now is expensive cars that belong to people that don’t deserve it. The places where I use to go sledding are gone, when I was 11 at the bottom of Big Ben, they tore down all of the trees and put in a subdivision. Big Ben now ends at the back of someone’s yard where they just so casually put in a row of trees. West Bloomfield I once knew is gone and now has been taken over by commercialization, and subdivisions. I only wish I could figure out where home is now.

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  1. don’t let the present distort the past. west bloomfield was always big cars, suburban expansion, unified green lawns. hold on to them memories.

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