I’m Boycotting Macy’s

I really do wonder what would happen if a department store started to sell well designed fashionable clothing for REAL women. Not just stick figures with eating disorders. I bet they would make a lot of money.

“When I think of Macy’s I think of a store that holds high standards across the board, but what I have found are standards that discriminate against anyone above a size 14. I wear size 14/16 shirts and size 18 pants and with saying that I came to your store in Troy looking to buy a dress coat. You had amazing deals going on that included your outerwear section, and with that said it was brought to my attention that dress coats for extended sizes are not going to be in stock for another 3 weeks! Although I understand that it might be your normal procedure, but to turn your backs on such a huge amount of women that shop in your stores everyday is a stupid and an ignorant move.

Above all that I ventured into your women’s department after I received a Her Collection catalogue, only to find that what I thought was attractive work wear, was over priced cheaply made clothing. Aside from that the items chosen to be placed into your catalogue were no where to be found, instead I found clothing that my mother wouldn’t even wear. Lane Bryant sells clothing at half the price with heavier fabrics and more style than you could ever put into your store. Please realize that plus size women are AVERAGE women, not your size 4-6 like you would so like to think. And when you change your ways possibly Macys might actually be on top, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, its who gets more people in the door. Right?


Unsatisfied Fat Girl

P.S. If you want to know what is acceptable give me a call.