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I’m picky when it comes to picking out handbags. Mostly because I don’t find buying a handbag that 20,000 other people carry around as cool. Once you get to the point where your bag has been reproduced for 20 dollars and people buy that just to get that ‘look’, I find the appeal of carrying your bag around repulsive. Brands like Coach that print their logo all over their bag (Then charge you $500 dollars for you to advertise for them, bastards) is also annoying, I like one of a kinds, thought and detail that very few handbag designers go after. That’s where Mary Frances comes in, using cloth to stone, to create a unique piece of art that in the world of designer handbags are affordable. Aside from the retired bags they range from $75 to $200. Yes I know, for working class folks a little expensive but worth it. The bags come out in lines like clothing and are snatched up like hot potatoes right out of the oven. I have never come across someone who had a Mary Frances Handbag. So for the girly part of me….

“Think Green”

“High Dimension”


“Fairy Dance”
(I’m loving this one)

So if you come upon a Mary Frances Handbag, I would hope you have the money for it then, because if not, you wont own that bag…ever. Sigh my “Infatuation” Handbag, how I have been looking for you for 2 years.

At the moment I carry around a Seatbelt Bag. If you see me, tell me who you bought one for your girlfriend, sister, ect. I’ve had mine for 5 years, before they were ‘cool’. Oh and when the ‘messenger’ bag was $95 not $135. Oh inflation how I hate you.

Check out Bag Lady of Beaufort for a good look at the collection.

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