Guess What….

The 2006 Vote is less than a week away, which means, if you plan on being a person who wants rights and a reason to complain, you should do your civil right by taking 20 minutes out of your day on November 7th and VOTE. If you are from Michigan, and plan on voting, here are your quick resources so you are fully educated once you hit the polls.

Complete Michigan Voters Guide – This has all the information you should need, including district maps to know who you are voting for. It is (1.6mb) so I would recommend right clicking, save as, and open it in adobe acrobat. And yes it is from League of Women Voters of Michigan; you try to find something more in depth on the internet.

Find Your Personal Voter Information

Statewide Ballot Proposals

Electronic Candidate Information Guide

Oh and if your not voting, you have no right to complain about someone doing a bad job. Or in other words you’re an idiot.