I think I’m Ugly Betty….ok not really.

I emailed the major broadcast networks giving them the chance to interview me as a healthy fat intern. Last week Entertainment Tonight had Vanessa Minnillo dressed up like Ugly Betty, to see how the world reacts to an ugly girl. Its just plain annoying, I cannot really explain it, it’s the same as having a skinny girl in a fat suit, I don’t feel fat, so how a skinny girl can portray a fat girl correctly baffles me. Like I am a sideshow. You’re in a suit that limits your movements, which make you uncomfortable, you already feel self-conscious because you’re out of your element, and then you go out, and get treated badly. Its easy to do so, your acting like a stereotypical fat girl, scared, shy and clumsy, when you back up and your ass makes something fall off a counter at Macy’s it’s not because fat people have no idea where their butt is, but because your in a fat suit. But people eat it up, this ability for us to teach our children to love everyone, but you never want to be the fat kid makes me sick.

If you haven’t already guessed it, they never called me; I guess ABC and NBC don’t like portraying fat people positively. But I should of known, since it’s not good for business when your board of directors have representatives from Jenny Craig.

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  1. Just found ya!! I will definately be back…great blog…I love that you say exactly what you want to…keep it up!

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