A World Where ‘Fat Slob’ is Acceptable

I don’t cry very often, unless I am stressed out anyone that has worked with me while I was a waitress knows that is my only weakness. When your heavy, you learn very quickly that crying is the one thing that can only make matters worse. You learn to shut your self down emotionally, never letting anyone in, or allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I’ve have been called all of the names you could think of, big bertha, jolly green giant, and my least favorite earthquake (it was more like something that my classmates screamed while they shook the tables.) I know that it would probably be good for me to see a therapist but at times I like ignoring that simple truth that there are so many emotional tolls that take place when people simply make comments. Very few of us are taught to treat others with respect and dignity. To hold back when wanting to make mean, nasty, and crude comments.

Recently my thoughts have been on this well publicized ‘feud’ between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. What began as an opinion by Rosie has turned into the all out assault by Donald Trump where comments like slob, degenerate, fat pig, pushy, and arrogant. I personally believe that if she was male the comments made would have been very very different. Aside from that Rosie represents everything we are taught is not attractive in females. Being opinionated, strong willed, and out spoken, for a man turns into loud, pushy, and a bully for women. Men from a very young age are encouraged to be loud and aggressive where women are brought up being quiet and dainty. God forbid you not hold the unrealistic ideal that is beauty in this country too.

1 thought on “A World Where ‘Fat Slob’ is Acceptable

  1. Hey buck up soldier as you well know, you ar not alone. Many of us out there are like you and although I am a “Big” guy and the rule for beauty that apply to the fairer sex don’t apply in the same way to me I know exactly how you feel. Just keep your chin up and know that you are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, wonderful mind and kind heart.

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