The Link: Obesity and Poverty

It truly amazes me how so many people do not see the sad daily bashing of the poorest people in our nation as our government is toying with the idea of adding a ‘fat tax’ to what they consider unhealthy food. For most of us the idea of not having enough money to put food on our table is almost non-existent, for others who stress over this very dilemma every day could soon suffering more if this tax goes into effect.

The one thing you never hear about when the media talks about ‘healthy’ alternatives and weight loss plans, is how expensive these options are. The cheapest foods are always high calorie, high carb foods, like mac and cheese, which for a single mother who works full time is not only convenient but cheap. Most studies show that the heaviest social class in the nation are the poor, and wouldn’t our time be better spent finding a way to get cheap healthy foods for the poor than taxing the only food that they can afford?

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