Behind the Scenes at L.A. Weight Loss

ABC’s 20/20 sent a reporter undercover into L.A. Weight Loss to see if the claims made by past clients and employees were true. What she found where uneducated employees with no medical background using private information to sell products.

In order to meet sales goals and sell more products, the former counselors say they were trained to prey on the emotions of clients. These counselors, many from different centers, say that the mantra that was instilled in them during training sessions was “If they cry, they will buy.”

In a statement issued to “20/20,” LA Weight Loss Centers claim that the phrase “‘If they cry, they will buy,’ is disgusting and offensive” and that to their knowledge, “it has never been used at any time in any training or training manual,” but ex-employees insist that the company’s statement is simply untrue. Ex-employees say that they were trained to use personal issues revealed during “counseling” to help sell exclusive products. Source

I’m beginning to wonder if ‘Used Car Salesmen’ will be swapped out for ‘Diet Counselor.’

I must just be a big money sign in their eyes.