In 10 years

When I was 18, I left high school running, I spent the next two weeks after graduation driving. I drove to Florida by myself, where I found many things, but the most life altering was the realization that as much as I need others in my life, having myself centered and happy was most important. That is the time I found what beauty is, when I took in the Atlantic Ocean over 1,000 miles away from anyone that knew my name. I read ‘Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body’ by Susan Bordo, and had finally took a turn in the right direction of healing myself so I could become stronger. It pains me to know that at this very moment there are thousands of girls out there that are hurting, and feeling the same things that I did. The resentment of being born the way we are, constantly going to bed hungry and promising our self that we will wake up tomorrow and our life will begin. My life started 21 years ago, it isn’t waiting on me, its now, real, fast and painful at times. It was during the months after graduation that I began to decide what I wanted to do.

I gave myself 10 years. 10 years to go to college, learn everything I can about the changes I want to make, before hitting the world by storm. Starting this blog was the beginning, my outlet from everyday life, but also the beginning of what I want my future to be. In many ways the things I want to do, is empower women, but more than that, I want to show young women that thin, blonde and stupid is not the only way to go through life. I have 6 more years, lets see where this relationship goes.