Oh Rosie

I cannot say that I agree with everything she says, but I agree with everything she stands for, a non-stereotypical beauty that actually has the platform to stand up for what she believes, in the face of people who know nothing about her. She is what women today are told not to be, so that they can be successful, and unlike what Donald Trump has said, she is. Everyday we are told that to have a healthy life we must conform to such unrealistic ideals that we find our self in a never ending cycle of self hate. That to be sexy we must be a size 2 and having an opinion without holding it back makes us a bitch.

I struggle with the idea that looks make a woman more successful than determination and intelligence. Although I am a firm believer that we make our own destiny, by being educated, outgoing and determined, there is only so much we can do, when bias feelings towards certain people are a real thing that happens every day. I hope one day this will not be an issue, but for now, I’ll make sure I am ready for whatever comes my way.

So thank you, for being who you are no matter what comes at you. For not falling into the Hollywood female warp that most women are told they must do to make it. For being beautiful, strong, intelligent, and successful without giving into so many pressures that our society pushes upon us. But above all else, thank you for having an opinion and not being scared about what people might say.

Who knows what could happen if we actually thought about the world around us, instead of letting it think for us.

One day, this 21 year old college student will take you out to lunch, where we can talk about everything.