A New Beginning

I finally have a job. Not exactly the job that I was looking for, but something to tide me over until something else finds me. While trolling one of my many job sites I saw a post for a new bar and grille opening in a month. It’s pretty much the non-kid version of the last restaurant I worked at and will have a more upscale clientele.

Located in Madonna’s home town, instead of smack dab in the middle of where I grew up, means no more acting like I care about seeing people I went to high school with. My only reservation is the fact that it is a brand new restaurant; it is not even done being built, so going in and checking it out before hand is out of question.

Also with the fact that most restaurants have a revolving door with new servers starting every month, I am guessing becoming someone with the highest seniority will not be hard. Oh and I have to remember how to use trays….