Unifying the Fat Acceptance Movement

Just like any group of people with a common interest their beliefs about that interest can vary widely depending on many factors. Fat Acceptance is no different, but not having a unified belief that everyone can agree on does nothing for the movement but hurt its very existence. Not having a clear message does not allow outsiders to easily understand our belief and leaves new comers empty handed without the necessary tools to learn how to promote from within.

I can fully admit that I am not well versed on all aspects of Fat Acceptance but that is due to internal bickering between activists on the small details instead of thoughtful talking about the big picture. Like all movements it’s multifaceted and never ending with different topics that can be brought up depending on where conversations lead. The issue that arises from that is not being able to say in the least amount of words the main goal of the movement.

The ability of anti-obesity advocates to create a commercialized idea and well distributed product makes it hard for FA advocates to spread their ever changing beliefs. It will not only take a main goal, but the backing of many people to start changing our society’s view of obesity and only when we realize this can we start something bigger than ourselves.