Uncovering Meme Roth

If she only knew five years ago that they best way to make people know your name was to call 17 year old American Idol winner Jordan Sparks fat and unhealthy, Meme Roth of the National Action Against Obesity (NAAO) would of probably started with Ruben Studdard. What most people do not understand about Ms. Roth is that she is a prime example of media fakery, as she is nothing more than a pawn with a professional sounding ‘association’ and a craptastic website.

She first came into the spotlight by creating the “Wedding Gown Challenge” where she wanted women to get into shape by telling them that healthy is when you can fit into your wedding gown for the rest of your life. What she didn’t let people know, or was not aware of are the studies that show that we tend to gain weight as we age.

But who is she? What is her background? Meme’s real name is Meredith A.C. Roth she specializes as an Executive Publicist and Image Consultant based in New York. She is a one women show with a very small and limited website that only gives a small amount of information about her beliefs, but just enough for news stations like the Fox News Channel to feature her as a regular guest. She prays on the public by making false claims that most people who fear fat will believe only due to their lack of knowledge.

But mostly she is the answer that the diet industry has asked for. Someone to literally throw themselves in front of the camera just to invoke fear so that we continue to buy the idea that thin is the only way to live.

Meme, come out and play. I’d love to see if you could be a waitress for a week, shit even a day. Fat can be fit.

2 thoughts on “Uncovering Meme Roth

  1. Ha–you should Google her. People in her own town (Millburn, NJ) hate her so much, they asked her to leave! She started a war at her kid’s elementary school about not letting kids bring cupcakes to school to celebrate their birthdays. The town has a chat board…it should all be in the history threads.

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