I get asked multiple times a night what my tattoo says, it doesn’t bother me since I knew getting something that people can read permanently tattooed onto my body might make people interested. The reactions are mostly good although I have had one person get into a fight with me that it is missing punctuation, my boss thinks its hilarious and I think not. I have had someone ask me how drunk I was when I got it but mostly people just turn the quote around to ask me “So what change do you want to be in the world?”

I know I am idealistic, I have this vision of a world that is not practical to happen in the next decade but the tattoo has little to do with what I want to do with my life and more to do with the person and/or standards that I want to hold myself to now. In my darkest days there are moments when I think about stopping eating, hoping to fit in, wishing that I could just be like the other girls. At work I often feel like I am drowning, surrounded by such fakeness from my coworkers to the people I serve. I will never be the girl who thinks lip gloss makes me pretty or being thin is the only way to go through life.

I just needed a daily reminder so I don’t drown in the sea of all of the sheep. Anyone else want to be a shepherd?