A Bad Day

I can normally deal with the arsenal of bad treatment that fat individuals such as myself have to live with, but there are days that I just want to break down and cry. The idea that someone could actually write what is below in reference to myself, or others like me from the mindset of an individual in higher education makes me sick to my stomach. Twenty year olds are suppose to be the leaders of tomorrow but how can that be possible if someone would still allow this filth to fill a university’s newspaper?

(Printed in THE NEWSPAPER: Toronto”s Student Community Paper, 27 March 2008, page eight)
“10 Reasons it’s not OK to be fat”
1. Public health care – why should the rest of us have to pay high taxes for you to eat yourself to death?

2. Nobody likes you. Except for, possibly, other fat people.

3. Even if you’re successful, it just means you’ll have enough money to become a drug addict and kill yourself like Chris Farley.

4. Because I don’t want to ever have to think about fat people again.

5. Not only do you frighten children, but you’re also setting a bad example.

6. You ruin pictures.

7. You ruin moments.

8. The thought of you ever having sex single-handedly ruins the day of at least 50% of the people whom you meet.

9. Because only aircraft are meant to be equipped with flaps. Their flaps serve a purpose.

10. It’s fucking disgusting.

What you can do is write them about the bigotry that this university is condoning but allowing for this to be printed.

Bozikovic Alex INDEPENDENT WEEKLY, THE (CAMPUS NEWSPAPER) 416-593-1552* 416-593-0552 alex.bozicovic@utoronto.ca

Fogels Janina INDEPENDENT WEEKLY, THE (CAMPUS NEWSPAPER) 416-593-1552* 416-593-0552 janina.fogels@utoronto.ca

I’m off to go write my letter right now.

2 thoughts on “A Bad Day

  1. Was that intended to be some sort of a joke? Was it intended to be humourous? I don’t understand how that could be allowed to be published at a University paper. The person that wrote that (and ok’d it to be published) must either be a man that was deprived breast feedings and hates women or a woman that is the epitome of vanity. Ughh.

  2. Cruelty seems to abound. People are shallow and superficial…acting more like sheep with a herd mentality. Wanting to go with the group them think for themselves and get to know people…all of them, not just what the perceive things to be.

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