Follow the Leader

Just like the children’s game, the majority of us are followers in this small world of ours. The only people who make a difference are the few that speak up or act out of the norm. We are sold conformity in the package of independence; beauty is all about conforming to a greater ideal and idea. Even the rebels are conforming to the idea of unconventional ideas, the idea the true independence is found when you think outside of the box, which in most cases is found within another box that someone else thought up.

We are taught to be consumers with the idea that buying something will not only have a greater value to you than its actual function. Lipstick is not only nice to change the color of your lips but in an uneducated mind can make you sexy, a purse is not only great to carry your wallet, phone, and keys in but will make you popular and fashionable. Men are just as susceptible and are starting to be lured into the same products that women have traditionally been advertised to.

All of these ideas are also very relevant to women and body issues. The majority of advertising that is geared towards women are also selling an ideal body that can make a women not only feel ugly but question her sexuality. We are told that being sexy can only mean that you fit into this small box of an ideal that is unrealistic. It’s something that I question within myself everyday, the idea that sexuality can be bought or put on.

In a way it’s the same with beauty, it is all within the eye of the beholder, but how does one learn to feel sexy without knowing what the fuck it is? I need to go close my eyes and stop looking at the over 3,000 ads I see per day.

Off to go be a shepherd, don’t be a sheep.