Oh Ruby

When I first starting writing this post I had only watched the previews for the Style Network’s new show Ruby. The show follows the life of Ruby Gettinger a 500 pound women on a “journey” of weight loss. After googling up some more information on the show I was able to watch the first episode, which basically confirmed all of my fears of what this show would turn out to be.

Ruby herself seems like an amazing person with a great personality but this show is based purely in the worst of her faults and only will solidify societies unfounded beliefs about fat people. First we learn of her unhealthy eating habits, all of the southern food that she loves which while eating dinner with her friends at home they all chastise each other for being the one that is going to kill Ruby. Then she goes to two different doctors, which both tell her how she is going to die if she doesn’t do something soon, see a theme yet?

We also learn of an ex-boyfriend who is going to appear in the second episode reuniting with Ruby for the first time since he told her he would marry her if she lost weight. Which Ruby herself feels responsible for the relationship ending, not blaming the guy who couldn’t love her for who she is.

I’ll probably continue watching just to see what happens but I wish they would work on her mental and physical health and not focus on weight loss. But then again that doesn’t make ratings.