Abercrombie and Fitch

Is it just me or does A&F smell? And I’m not talking about a nice smell but that surround you, full your lungs, make you cover your nose almost vomit smell of teen boy cologne that makes you wish you never went to the mall that day. I’ve noticed that different A&F stores have a different level of stench that they force the world to suffer through. I’m all good with walking into a store and smelling whatever they want me to smell, but when I’m walking past some stores and the odor from the store emits into the common space between other stores it just annoys me. At what point did I give them the right to invade my senses with their nasty overpowering odor?

Now mind you I have only entered A&F once in my life that time I stood in the corner with the moms watching as my coworker ran around like a crazed lunatic looking for whatever caught her eye. The dim lighting and over bearing music was enough for me to remember why I never ventured into that store. I also enjoyed Hollister that day, and yet again I sat with the parents as their children ran around spending far too much money on far too little clothes. I guess that’s what you get when you enter a store that has shirtless mannequins on their porch.

I looked for an email that I could possibly send them a note about their store but no such luck.

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  1. From what I understand/have heard, they spritz some sort of scent in the store and around the storefront. I’m not sure why, and I’ve only been in one once, but the tales of the awful scents keep me away.

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