Oprah’s Billions Have Nothing on Me…

I guess I haven’t spent enough time watching the Oprah show in recent years to understand her mental state at this time. If its anything like how it use to be when I was in high school I am guessing that weight loss is a huge topic of discussion.

Now that I have read snippets of Oprah’s upcoming article “How did I let this happen again?” I feel as though a good comment could be made about women in our society. You can be one of the richest women in our world and still feel that you are not worthy enough as a person because of your weight. It has nothing to do with the weight per say but the way our society views said weight. Doesn’t Oprah also believe with finding inner peace? At what point is she going to speak as a women and instead of worrying about the number on a scale, worry about her health. There is a point when she needs to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise but stop putting such emphasis on weight loss.

There was a point when I was 18 that I had to decide that my body was mine and I could only take myself for what I am or continue to hate myself. It was only at that point I could find who I was, and find that my body is mine. Instead of worrying about how much I weigh, what I should lose, what I have gained or lost, I live my life. I don’t do diets, mostly because they are unhealthy but because living life is not about dieting it’s about being active and happy.

I understand that talking about weight loss makes money, but as women we need to wake up. Each day we meet with our girlfriends and talk about our bodies, put ourselves down, talk about other women around us, their weight our weight putting what is so superficial and personal on a platter for everyone to see instead of looking past that and loving each other for our mind and character as people.

Just think, how many times a day does someone comment on your appearance? As in the “Wow you look like you lost weight,” “I love your make up” why not “Your so funny!” or “Your so intelligent”

I would hope that if a 23 year old waitress can come to peace with her body that Oprah could do the same.

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  1. I actually pity her a bit, she's in the spot light a lot and probably has more pressure and issues about being fat. Can't be easy being fat in show business so I love her anyway despite her constant babbling about weight loss.P.S bookmarking your blog for the days when I feel like crap for being a fat girl. You're awesome.

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