Ditch your fat friends?

Lets start out our 2009 by using propaganda and falsities to spread hate and fear directed towards fat individuals. That is exactly what fox news and our favorite uneducated liar Meme Roth wants you to do for the new year.

Just a reminder on Ms. Roth herself she is the president of an organization by the name of National Action Against Obesity, who has tried to ban cupcakes from her child’s school, went on the today show to say that every women should be able to fit into her wedding dress the rest of their life (without looking at any form of study that shows we gain weight as we age), and for saying that Jordan Sparks shouldn’t win American Idol because she’s fat. Basically your all around hate monger Meme has no real education about health but is a marketing and public relations major using our societies fear of fat to make herself famous. A recent interview on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Ms. Roth stated that she does not like the new show Diet tribe with this reasoning, (Full interview here)

Here’s the thing study after study shows that. Obesity is contagious — first it runs and social networks if you have an obese friend. You have a 171% increase in chance that you too will become obese an obese spouse a 37% increase. So the idea isn’t so much to dump your fat friend just because their fat it’s more about dumping the friend that might weaken your resolve.

I am aware of the study that came out in 2007 that said fat spreads like a virus between friends but the numbers Ms. Roth puts out there are false and misleading. That being said if she truthfully believes that fat people are bad infliences then why can thin people not be so called ‘good influences’. I think what this whole thing comes down to is society yet again trying to put the blame on fat people for their own issues. People need to start taking personal responsibility for their own actions instead of saying it’s their fat friends fault.

3 thoughts on “Ditch your fat friends?

  1. Me Me is a nasty piece of work. That whole “fat is catching” thing? Unsurprisingly, debunkeda. But she conveniently ignores that fact as it doesn’t advance her agenda.

  2. MeMe Roth’s little organization is just that, little. She’s the president and, I think, the only member.Back in late 2007 or early 2008, Rachel (from F-Word) and Mo (from BigFatDeal) were on one of the TV early shows, debating about fat and health. I watched it, and let me tell you, MeMe did not handle that very well at all. Big Fat Blog had a whole thread on that appearance, with a ton of comments. Rachel and Mo also commented on their blogs about it. It was very interesting, to say the least.

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