You Just Got Shown Up by a Girl! YEAH!

On the way to the fascist regime that is my job, I was driving behind a car that had a sign on its back window which read, “You were just passed by a GIRL” complete with the surfer style flower in a girly typeface. It just oozed femininity, in that cutesy kind of way.

This contemporary version of so called ‘girl power’ makes me ill. To an ordinary female this might seem like a remarkable message to put out there, but it is yet again another way for women to be considered subservient and second-class in societies view of us.

If women are suppose to act quiet, devoid of opinions and compliant, why do we have to show our defiance by consistently proving that we are better than men? Why can we not ask for equality and be treated as such instead of being referred to in demeaning ways?

I wish that contemporary feminists could be seen for what they actually are, intelligent, thoughtful, dynamic women with an opinion, not bra burning man haters. Let alone hiding behind this so-called version of passive ‘girl power’.