University Forces Fat Students to Take Fitness Class

This past week Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has been in the news for its passing of a required fitness course for all students who have a bmi of 30 or above.

There have been many different takes on this issue; the one at the front is the motivation behind why an almost all black university would begin to weight its students has led many to believe that it has been pressured to do this with all of the stereotypes surrounding the African American community and their health.

I think its more than that, first and foremost why is this not a required course for all students? Personally, I think that most people in that age group are not educated on their health and how to be healthy. A class that focuses on educating all of their students on how to live a healthy lifestyle is important but only limiting this to a certain group is just plain and simple prejudice. Second, it should be established that weight itself is not an indicator of good health by any means. Lifestyle should be looked at not weight.

For a university to make a rule that discriminates against a certain portion of their population based on this idea is completely wrong and without facts.

I would also ask who is teaching the classes, and what their own educational background is. This seems far too much like the required gym classes that I had to suffer through in grade school. There a 12-minute mile meant you were completely healthy.