American Airlines dehumanizing their customers

Over the past week a photo of a fat man on a plane was released on the internet by someone who is a flight attendant employed by American Airlines. The overwhelming concern that this photo has brought along with it are the safety issues that someone of size might cause a plane, but why is it up to one person to make sure they are safe to fly and not on airlines to make sure they offer all of their customers the same service?

There are many people to believe that this has been photoshopped, as it appears that the man is sitting on the armrest although it actually looks as though the armrest is going to his body. I don’t think this is as disturbing as the way this man is being dehumanized by a systematic campaign of headless faceless photos of fat people where they are ripped of their human characteristics.

Fat or thin we are all people with families, lives, personalities and feelings. We all deserve to be treated as such, instead of an object to be used however society deems fit.

Also, why are we not talking about the unprofessionalism that this American Airline flight attendant has shown? By not only taking the photo in the first place, but by making it public to be ridiculed and a subject of harassment? Instead an investigation is being done of the so-called safety issues that could have been caused.

Something seems a little out of whack.
If you feel that you would like to contact American Airlines and speak out about the unacceptable behavior of their flight attendant you can do so with this contact information,
American Airlines Customer Relations
P.O. Box 619612 MD 2400
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9612

Or fill out their email complaint form,

Email Form

I have already sent mine and I’ll post it if I get a reply.