In Search of Boots

Over the past few years I have been searching for the perfect boots that I feel match my personality and style. This has left me empty handed as the majority of the boots which I fall in love with do not fit my calves, or at the time I find them are not in my budget.

But I have a plan…

Anytime I find a pair of boots that I love, I’m emailing the parent company to tell them how amazing their boots are, and explaining the growing market and business opportunity for them to expand their sales. Case in point, I am absolutly obsessed with Blowfish Shoes, I have owned several of their flats and love their boots. Like the Humvee, which is sitting in a box to be returned on my dining room table. I am seriously considering trying to have them altered, but fear they will be ruined.

After trying them on and finding that they didn’t fit I went on Blowfish’s website and sent them a message, below was their reply,

Thank you for reaching out to us online we are happy to have you as a fan! Sorry that the boots have not been working for you but yours is not the first request I’ve had for wider calf widths. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know what you need from us and I have passed along your comment to our design team. When they keep hearing the same request they generally start trying to accommodate!

This made me think that we need a mass email campaign to get them to design their boots to fit everyone! It would make me very happy…please?