Buy Deodorant, Spray in Eyes

I know we have all been there, walk past an amazing smelling guy in the dead of winter and feel the sudden urge to have wild snow sex. At least this is what the makers of the Lynx Bullet, a spray deodorant from the same people who bring us Axe, think will make men want to try their product.

Their new line of ads take on a theme that might seem harmless to most but what caught my attention was not the product itself but the fact that I was under the impression that it was for a line of pepper spray. They feature a tagline which reads ‘Be prepared this festive season,’ which I took literally as in, ‘Be prepared this festive season in case you might be the would be victim of sexual assault.’

Although the first ad I viewed was what appeared to be a CSI-like aftermath of a couple on the hood of a snow covered car, the next ad I viewed which appeared to be in an alley by a trashcan left me feeling quite disturbed.

Below I have created a new ad for a product that they might have fit a bit better.

4 thoughts on “Buy Deodorant, Spray in Eyes

  1. those ads are disturbing on so many levels. how come there's only one set of footprints leading to and from the scene? yuck. yours make so much more sense.

  2. Yuck is right. It also perpetuates this idea that men want to be attacked – because they normally are on the giving and not receiving end of sexual assault? Well, guess what, I do know men who have been raped, and it is very traumatic to them, especially since no one takes them very seriously about it, like they have to man-up about it. Sexual assault is traumatic no matter who is doing it to whom, and trivializing it because the man is the victim is still perpetuating rape culture. And Axe is stinky.

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