Something Found

While looking through my computer at pieces of writing that I haven’t finished or liked I found this little gem. Or at least I think its a gem because in my cynical mind its hilarious. I don’t remember writing this, but at some point I wanted to create an animation with this spoken over the video. It was probably written on a bad day after getting stuck behind people at starbucks….

Lets Talk about FAT

You think your fat,

You hate fat

So you go on a diet

Start eating fat free foods

Slip in some non fat free foods

Stand in line at your favorite coffee joint and order a non fat soy venti latte with whip,

Add some cream in the corner so no one can see you

Work out

Talk to your girlfriends about your fatness

They talk about how all they ate was a grape the day before

You go out to dinner, order a salad with dressing on the side

Put more dressing on the salad than if it was tossed in the dressing

Cry when your diet fails

You go back on a diet,

More strict than before

More unhappy than before

Feel like it’s a downward spiral

Watch the happy fat people enjoy themselves

Hate the fat happy people

Think said people are horrible people

Maybe because they are happy

Maybe because they don’t fit in your small minded view of the world

Maybe because you hate yourself

Whose the one with the issues?

1 thought on “Something Found

  1. Oh my god this is fabulous!! I'm so thoroughly impressed. The beauty of this is it really brings into sharp focus the horrors of self hatred and of tying to exert external control on one's weight and diet. All around yucky.

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