Check out BFB’s Body Love Attack!

Love Your Body Detroit’s posters were featured on BFB! Check out how you can do some social activism in your area on Wednesday!  Click Click

Come out and help LYB Detroit flyer Wayne State University campus, all you need is tape/stapler. The fun is free!

Check out the event listing here!

1 thought on “Check out BFB’s Body Love Attack!

  1. I’m from Detroit and one of my degrees is from Wayne. Both my parents worked there when I was growing up. I lived in Ann Arbor for many years, moved to Toronto 7 years ago, and now live in Glasgow, Scotland. However, Detroit will always have a special place in my heart. It’s just GREAT to see that this is going on there, and I wish I had a Star Trek transporter so I could be there. Keep leading.

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