10 Days Late and 5 Years Later

I started my blog 5 years ago, 10 days ago. It’s strange to think that in the past 5 years so many things has made me solidify my own personal believes as a fat rights activist. I’m no longer “kinda involved in fat acceptance,” as I use to say or not even mention it for fear of backlash.

This blog has never been just about fat rights, it has been the culmination my last 5 years of thoughts, obsessions (like John Mayer, ew) and passions. I changed from wanting this to help only myself to now hoping I can help others with a place to come together with like minded people, like Love Your Body Detroit, to changing my entire career path to help educate others about oppression issues.

I still face the question of whether or not this space can actually do any good, the truth is that I still don’t know if it has, but it has helped me sort out my own thoughts and find a more concrete opinion. Another truth is that I don’t care, if you have personally found that something I have written has helped your own personal life journey then splendid and if not that’s fine too. This is not me telling you how you should believe or how you should act; this is me telling you that there is a different way of thinking that you might not have contemplated. We often find ourselves moving along in life not following our own path but the one that we think we should follow based on what society, family, or friends feel is right. If I actually still listened to other people, I would probably be majoring in graphic design and severely depressed.

But back to the point, I started the space hoping that I could change one person, to create a tidal wave of radical thought, for that one person to go out and tell another person and so on. A sort of pay it forward political movement style. So, for the two people who read this blog, I am giving you homework.

You have 5 years to tell as many people as you can about fat rights (or any other political movement) and what it means to you. If you must start out with your cat or dog, hell a goldfish if that works for you, but just tell someone. See where it takes you personally and see what it changes about them.

4 thoughts on “10 Days Late and 5 Years Later

  1. I love your blog, and have for quite some time. I can assure you that your participation and contributions have helped fats everywhere! It’s like this big fat fluffy cloud (can it be pink?) that envelopes us with fatty love every time we read a fat blog!
    I’ve only been blogging about fat since June and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I never could have done it without the inspiration of my fellow fat bloggers and the entire community! So rock the hell on! =0)

  2. I second what Notblue said I have greatly loved reading your blog! It is blogs like yours that have inspired me to start my own blog to write about my life as a fat chick and the different issues I experienced!

    I hope you don’t stop blogging! It has been incredibly helpful and interesting to me! Thank you!

  3. It’s three now. 🙂

    I know that it can be frustrating, feeling like you’re voiceless in this big thing called the interwebz, because only a few people are following or commenting or even reading. But I also know that occasionally random people will be looking for something and will stop by my blog and find something that means something. And so even if I’m not changing the world by creating a tidal wave, I am changing someone’s world, and who knows what that will do.

    Keep going. You matter.

    • I don’t feel like I’m voiceless, I just find it frustrating that other people will say I am. Most of the time its more of a reflection of how much they feel that they can change, and thats why I wrote how I want to just have an impact on a few in hopes of impacting many through them.

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