BODYSLAM! Poetry Jam and Storytelling : Posters!

Finally after moving, starting classes and having a crochet order that has given me arthritis I made the event posters! They are being printed as a type this and I will have them in my hands by 5pm.

Check out the Facebook event page by clicking the poster!

I’m having fliers and postcards printed so if you want your own BODYSLAM! postcard just email lybdetroit @ (w/o spaces) with your address and we will send one out to you!

3 thoughts on “BODYSLAM! Poetry Jam and Storytelling : Posters!

  1. I love the idea, but if the wording could be interpreted negatively; “Bodyslam” as slamming (putting down) your body, and “a fundraiser that will make you think critically about your body” as being about criticism rather than critical thought. It might be fine to use that, actually, to parody body negativity. Maybe compose something around it.

    Are you getting a lot of participants? Bringing together stories, poetry and art is a great idea.

    • I can see where it could be interpreted wrong, but I think there is enough info on the flier to not give someone that impression. Especially since it is being held by ‘Love Your Body Detroit.’ Also the Vagina show which is being held the week before our event is about ending violence towards women, and the woman organizing it is having a body positive theme this year that will hopefully make people want to come to the slam.

      As of now we have a few people participating, the actual deadline for speakers that I put out isn’t until the 20th and I am going around to flier this week. I am thinking we need at least 10-12 people and so far we have 6.

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