BODYSLAM! Audio – videos will be posted soon! Thanks again to all of our presenters as follows.

Amanda Levitt – Intro

Kathy Barron – Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets’ Society

Rae M. – Two things that never would have happened had I been fatter

Brittney Pauling – Beauty Standards

Sicily Amaris McRaven – Hymen of Steel

Amanda Levitt – I’m not Fluffy I’m Fat

Wednesday Lee Friday – an excerpt from A Stabbing for Sadie

Nadia Zahran – Disgraced Replaced

A special thanks to Alex Heberling who you should totally check out, her artwork is amazing.

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  1. I came last night. I was most impressed by Britney Pauling and Wednesday Lee Friday! I had a good time. Maybe next time, I will read something!

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