NPR Tell Me More Interview about “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be” 6-Year Old Fights Body Stigma

LaNiyah Bailey, 6, follows a healthy diet and exercises regularly. Yet, due to a health condition, she struggles with being overweight. After being constantly teased by children and adults about her size, Bailey decided to write about her experience. Her new book, Not Fat Because I Wanna Be, aims to help kids understand that bullying others because of their weight is wrong. Host Michel Martin speaks with LaNiyah Bailey about her book and her life. They are joined by her mother LaToya White and father Sango Bailey.

Really a great interview that talks about her experiences with not only other children but adults who have bullied her as well. Her parents really have taken a proactive stance to stop her own bullying and have made a clear distinction between what is right and wrong.

To listen to the NPR segment go here, 6-Year Old Author Fights Stigma of Childhood “Obesity”

Go to LaNiyah’s website,

3 thoughts on “NPR Tell Me More Interview about “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be” 6-Year Old Fights Body Stigma

  1. I heard the segment yesterday on 90.1FM in central Indiana. one point of particular interest was the focus not only on bullying because of weight issues, but also that such things occur at all ages… I was surprised to hear all throughout the day, from friends and coworkers, about a recorded incident that occured at a school in Australia. The clip show a child (Casey) deliberately being punched repeatedly, while being surrounded by others, laughed at by some. I’ve included the link for the clip. I’d absolutely love to know what you think of the situation…

    WARNING!! This video clip contains footage that may be considered graphic to some viewers.

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