Waitressing While Fat

Since I started this blog 5+ years ago, I have consistently gotten traffic from search results where people ask if they can waitress while fat. Over the years I have seen people in the restaurant industry that came in all shapes, sizes and abilities. What I have never witnessed was someone not able to do their job because their body made it impossible, unless there was an underlying issue or injury.

Before you ask if you can be a fat waitress / server etc, you should be asking if you can stand for long periods at a time (depending on the place I have worked up to 16 hours straight), talk to people, remember orders, and work fast. None of those things require you to be thin, but create a level of service that works for you.

While your ability to do a job is not limited by your body, the kind of place you want to work might change because of it. I don’t want to work at a place that is filled with thin model types, like hooters. Not because I couldn’t work there, though I wouldn’t fit into their uniform, but because the environment that I would be walking into is not the place where I can come in and just do my job. I’m hired to give a service not be objectified, or become part of the scenery. Some people are completely ok with doing that because it works for them.

I’m not; I’m not here to be pretty or to flirt with them while they look down my shirt. I’m here to give them their fucking food. I might smile, but that is only because I feel like I should or I am in a good mood.

What you should be asking is what kind of environment do you want to work in? Because it is your mind stopping you, not your body.

2 thoughts on “Waitressing While Fat

  1. Thank you for this! Owning my own cafe and doing it all on my own while so amazingly fat? It’s super hard. People question and say things that they wouldn’t if I wasn’t so incredibly fat. I would never allow someone to disparage my body or theirs in my cafe, but some still take some surprising liberties. Thank you for this blog and for representing fat food service professionals everywhere! ❤

  2. You have a great blog. I worked as a fat waitress in Beverly Hills for four years, and I had no physical problems. The emotional toll that rude people had on me was immense. So many crazy stories! What a helpful and true blog entry. Thanks for a great website.

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