Help Peanut the bunny!

My friend’s bunny Peanut needs to have surgery to remove an abscess from his jaw and she is selling stuff on her etsy store to raise money, check it out here! Peanut is the cutest bunny you could ever meet, super friendly and just awesome.

She is selling peanut bunny packs on her store here,

4 thoughts on “Help Peanut the bunny!

  1. I bought some stickers! What better way to celebrate Easter than to help someone’s beloved bunny? Plus, I love stickers. Win win!

    • YAY! I can tell you since I have met him, Peanut is a special bunny. So friendly and cute!

  2. Hello, is there a way I could simply donate? Like send a check? I love bunnies. My brother’s just had a major tooth problem. Luckily he could pay for the treatment. I hate to hear of a sick rabbit.

  3. Hey!!! First of all, thank you outrageandsprinkles for purchasing a sticker pack!! it is out in the mail and should arrive to you shortly!! Second, thank you Amanda for posting this for Peanut… he gives you a nudge of appreciation too… and third, to DJ, thank you so much for willing to donate. I have had a few people ask if they could donate and while I do not like to take donations I have set up a donate button on to take them. The ONLY thing I ask is that your address be attached to your payment so that a special “gift” from Peanut can be sent to your home as a thank you.

    Thanks again so much and I will be posting updates as we go along. We are on the hunt for an affordable, trustworthy vet in this area and will hopefully get him in soon!

    Thanks so much,
    x’s and o’s
    Casey <—-Peanut's human

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