Photo Time!

I have been crazy busy, between Love Your Body Detroit’s Body Positive Scavenger Hunt for Love Your Body Day 2011, class and my 2 jobs. I participated in a photo shoot for a non-profit yoga studio in downtown Detroit called City Yoga. They wanted to show that all people no matter who they are can do yoga. It was a great day. I also have been getting my back tattooed since the middle of August and it is finally finished.

The tattoo itself has a ton of different elements that I put in. The quote is from “A Vindication for the Rights of Women” by Mary Wollenstonecraft. My fat dancing lady is not only to show a fat active body but also because I love Niki de Saint Phalle’s nanas and it is a recreation of her sculptures that can be found at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The tattoo style was for my favorite watercolor painter Stina Persson.

7 thoughts on “Photo Time!

  1. I am now contemplating an owl tattoo. So cute.

    Will the colors really stay that bright?

    • They will fade over time. But it really just depends on a ton of different factors, like how much sun it gets and how my skin holds the color.

    • It hurt a bit but the worst was the top of my shoulders because she was hitting nerves that would make my leg twitch but I couldn’t move. So having to hold my body still was painful.

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