Detroit Free Press and USA Today Article

The past 24 hours has been an overwhelming outpouring of love from so many people within the fat positive community as well as new people who have found my blog.

If you aren’t already aware, I was featured in an article at the Detroit Free Press and it was picked up by USA Today. Since then I have been contacted by CNN and will be appearing on the show at 8:30 am eastern today (December 30th). If you aren’t able to tune in I will be posting the video later, as long as they put it up online.

Wish me luck!

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7 thoughts on “Detroit Free Press and USA Today Article

  1. You GO Grrrrl! Thank you for all you do – let your voice be strong and firm, your words filled with truth & passion!

  2. Thanks for this blog! I do wish you luck! Just so sick of the very ingrained bias against weight. We are beautiful and meaningful

  3. Just watched your interview on TV. So intelligent, thoughtful and strong. I’m a mother of 2 daughters ages 8 & 11. Your comment about how people don’t freak out about the word thin prompted me to respond. Although I don’t freak about the use of the word thin I choose not to allow my children to describe themselves or critique their bodies using any words like fat, thin, skinny, chubby, or diet, etc. In my mind skinny is a word creating a false and unhealty goal for children and it is an equal culprit with the word fat in the fear of fatness. The emphaisis is on food choices and exercise only. I have a challenge ahead of me as my girls move through school. Thanks for the discussion.

    • I promise that allowing your daughters to describe their body with fat or thin won’t harm them. Turning fat into a dirty word can make them fear being fat.

      • Excellent Point! This is one of the reasons I have a problem with Jennifer Lawrence stating that she thinks the word fat should be made illegal – whether she actually means that or not, I don’t know – but she is part of a conversation that is perpetuating the negativity of the word. We need to ‘unload’ the word of these negative meanings and as you say remove the fear of being fat. Nice work 🙂

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