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Here is a link to the video from the interview today. “Defending Against Fat Prejudice.” They cut out the intro and the ending but otherwise I was really happy with everything. CNN was awesome and was promoting the segment throughout the hour I was on. They also tweeted the segment from all of their different twitter accounts.


Haley, my friend and founder of Redefining Body Image was awesome and put up a post on RBI’s tumblr with screen shots right after I finished since she was live streaming the interview online.

tumblr_mymhe3faRe1qesi41o2_500The past 48 hours have been amazing. I am so lucky to be able to do this work and have such an incredible community to be part of.

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3 thoughts on “CNN Interview

  1. You should learn that poverty leads to people being fatter. They tend to eat more fast food for one think it is cheaper food. What we know is that living in certain areas in a town make you far likely to have a certain diet. They don’t have a good grocery store near by so it makes them eat unhealthy food because it is easier to get a hand on. That is the reason so many poor people also are fat. It is basic knowledge. Instead of talking in your interview like you do.

    • Clearly you missed the research that showed middle class people eat far more fast food than poor people but you know what you wrote is “common knowledge” and all. People are fat for numerous reasons not just the way they eat, though I’m guessing you also haven’t read research on that topic either. People who live in poverty face health disparities due to the lack of access to health behaviors, which includes a lack of access to fresh foods, but you are incorrect in thinking that fat people living in poverty isn’t also due to systemic and institutional forms of discrimination. There doesn’t have to be one social force that explains why fat people are more likely to live in poverty but assuming that if fat people just ate better they wouldn’t be fat anymore is ignorant and isn’t supported any by research.

  2. Amanda, you expressed yourself so intelligently and likeably in this interview; I feel really honored and blessed to have you on our side fighting for equal treatment in society and self-love and -appreciation.

    I was also struck by how incredibly beautiful you look – your hair is *on point*!

    Thank you so much for doing this. I’m sure it must have been nerve-wracking to go on TV like that (I can’t even imagine!!), but you’ve done the community and our society at large a huge service.

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