Things are happening!

This summer is going to be jam packed with so many amazing things I cannot wait for everything to happen. I thought I would give a rundown of where I will be and what I will be up to the next few months.

1. I just had an article about trolling posted on Bitch Magazine’s blog. You can find it here – Trolls Don’t Just Want to be Rude—They Want Power Over Us

2. Body Policing: Hit From All Sides – I’m co-hosting a tawk (that’s what they call it) on Thursday June 5th at 8pm to discuss trolling, #notyourgoodfatty and other fun fat stuff. Please join us!

3. The Allied Media Conference June 19-22 – I posted about the conference organizers raising funds for the Abundant Bodies track and I will be involved in three different workshops over the weekend. I am not only talking about visibility and surviving fat hatred in one workshop but racism within fat community in another. Lastly, I am part of a round table / session talking about how to create an inclusive fat community.

4. I won the Netroots Nation scholarship and will be going to that conference in July 17-20. I’m so excited about it and thank you to everyone who voted.

5. Finally, I am presenting a paper about trolling at the Society for the Study of Social problems in August. It is held in San Francisco so it will be nice to travel a bit as well.

I hope to connect with fat community all summer!