Have You Seen This?

This is a rare photograph of the elusive Silver Diet Riot Pig. Found in it’s natural habitat the Silver Diet Riot Pig has yet to find its actual place in the world. Possibly once it finds an accepting place where it can be itself, then just then it will be at home.

More to come.

Daily Venus Diva Interview and The Pretty Girl Project

I thought I would point you all to an interview that I did last week with DailyVenusDiva.com and Cassandra Jones-McBryde. You can check it out here, Amanda Levitt: Activist On The Rise.

I’m so happy to get some more press about all of the work Love Your Body Detroit has already done, as well as the awesome stuff we will be doing this summer!

Also, Cassandra runs a really great organization called ‘The Pretty Girl Project’ that is an initiative based non profit organization that encourages girls ages 12-17 to embrace their inner and outer beauty. Below is a press release for an upcoming event that is taking place on April 30th. If you are in the Detroit area please take time out to support their efforts!

Detroit, MI- March 25, 2011– It is no secret that our nation’s poor economy has affected every area of the human condition in Detroit, MI. With the increased cost of basic essentials, coupled with the city’s record unemployment and foreclosure rates, prom expenses are among the least of a family’s priorities.

The Pretty Girl Project, however, will host its 2nd annual Pretty Prom Princess event in an effort to help curtail or completely eliminate the costs associated with upcoming proms on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. at YWCA, 25940 Grand River Avenue, Redford, MI.

The event is the project’s culminating affair after months of soliciting, collecting and organizing hundreds of new and gently used donations of formal gowns, cocktail dresses, shoes, and accessories for young women unable to buy their own. 

To celebrate their transition from adolescence to becoming young women PGP holds an event for graduating seniors where they will receive information on etiquette, ballroom-style dancing, hair and age-appropriate makeup application. Local celebrities and motivational speakers are available to share their experiences and offer real life solutions to this promising group of young women.  

“We want to teach these girls to feel good about themselves. It’s about loving yourself and knowing your value,” said Pretty Girl Project Co-Founder & CEO, Cassandra Jones-McBryde.   “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful for at least one day. You get to dress up like you want and to feel like a princess. “

Crafting a Revolution

I spent the day creating body positive measuring tapes (An amazing idea thought up by the one and only Marilyn Wann), and took some self-portraits of myself for the Rad Fatties Project. I’m in the process of creating a ‘Fat Rights Tool kit” that the measuring tape will be in, along with a great introduction to fat rights and suggestions for books, blogs and other places that a person new to the movement can use as an introduction to our community.

If it turns out the way I want it, the Fat Rights Tool Kits should be put up on my etsy and all of the proceeds will be going to Love Your Body Detroit.