Formal Complaints and HAES Packets

If you watched the BODYSLAM! or came to it, you would know that I have been dealing with a person in my doctors office that feels it is her complete right to comment on my body. While calling me ‘fluffy’ makes for a hilarious story, it scares me what she might be saying to other people. So I am making a HAES packet for my actual doctor, and writing a formal complaint so that the ‘fluffy’ incident is not repeated.



Thanks again to our presenters, vendors and everyone who attended the BODYSLAM! last night. We had an amazing time and we hope that you all did as well!

Finally up and ready to go! Enjoy,


BODYSLAM! Audio – videos will be posted soon! Thanks again to all of our presenters as follows.

Amanda Levitt – Intro

Kathy Barron – Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets’ Society

Rae M. – Two things that never would have happened had I been fatter

Brittney Pauling – Beauty Standards

Sicily Amaris McRaven – Hymen of Steel

Amanda Levitt – I’m not Fluffy I’m Fat

Wednesday Lee Friday – an excerpt from A Stabbing for Sadie

Nadia Zahran – Disgraced Replaced

A special thanks to Alex Heberling who you should totally check out, her artwork is amazing.

101.9 WDET Interview

Along with Brenda Oelbaum and Judith Banker, I’m going to be on the Craig Fahle show talking about Love Your Body Detroit’s BODYSLAM! Brenda will be talking about her upcoming gallery show that opens on Friday at the Rivers Edge Gallery. Judith Banker is from the Center for Eating Disorders to talk about the ReVolution/Resolution about not dieting.

We should be on air around 11:35 am hope you can tune in!

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