Oh Really Kanye West?

Normally I can just turn off a video or music that I consider is so incredibly horrible, like  Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls,’ but the sneak preview for Kanye West’s new video ‘Monster’ is so distressing to me that my capability to stop reading into the images shown in the 35 second clip is nonexistent. The descriptions of the video made before the clip was released talked about it being a horror video comparable to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ but nothing I have seen is trying to scare as much as disturb.

The only chilling part of the video is the quantity of deceased women that appear to be strewn about with absolutely no regard for them. Women hang from the ceiling seemingly hung to death while Rick Ross casually smokes a cigar, another women appears to be sat on under the cushions of the couch that Jay-Z appears in front of. On top of all of this Kayne West is in bed with two more deceased women, one of which he goes to kiss before placing her hand over the crotch of the other women.

Not only are all of these women dead but also they are virtually naked, most of them wearing skin colored lingerie. This whole video goes beyond just merely dehumanizing these women, who all appear to be victims of a vicious and violent act, turning them not just into objects but inanimate objects to be used, dominated and violated however Kanye West would please.

If you would like to see the clip it is pretty easy to find. I just would rather not even link to it.

Sara Bareilles

I love finding an artist that I can not only relate to but holds the same values and seems to enjoy being unconventional.

Her current single “Love Song”

And if you happen to pick up her current album “Little Voice” you will find a more commercialized version of this video. In the end she is an artist that I hope is successful and is around for a long time.