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Over the past few days Marilyn Wann has been creating posters of different fat activists to respond to Georgia’s Strong4Life campaign. They are amazing and everyone photographed has chosen their own tagline to go with each poster.

From her tumblr she wrote,


Here’s my response to the fat-hating ads in Georgia. Please reblog! I want the world to know that I stand up to weight bullies!
If you want to Stand4Kids too, send me your photo and we’ll create an ad about what you STAND for, so you can tell the world. ALSO:

Join the Facebook group, here, and learn about the project to buy a real billboard in Georgia!

Spreading the Love

Made by Ragen Chastain from Dance with Fat (More info about the video at the link). A response to the Australian Biggest Loser ad campaign. To view the original video click here, but should come with a trigger warning. Happy I was able to be involved with this video.

Join Me at the 2nd Annual Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit!

Be sure to register and check out the Body Love Revolutionaries Telesummit that starts on January 31st with Marilyn Wann, Peggy Howell and me talking about activism. It is going to be amazing. For more information about the summit, how to register and about all of the speakers go to

Also check out the facebook event page.

Here is the complete schedule!

Activism — Tuesday, January 31st at 8PM EST with Peggy Howell (NAAFA), Amanda Levitt (Love Your Body Detroit), Marilyn Wann (Fat!So?)

Health — Thursday, February 2nd at 7PM EST with Linda Bacon (Health At Every Size book), Ragen Chastain (Dances With Fat)

Fatshion — Tuesday, February 7th at 8PM EST with Marie Denee (Curvy Fashionista) , Rachel Kacenjar (Cupcake & Cuddlebunny), Yuliya Raquel (Igigi)

Sex — Thursday, February 9th at 8PM EST with Hanne Blank (Big, Big Love), Virgie Tovar (Guide To Fat Girl Living)

Blogging —Thursday, February 16th at 8PM EST with Marianne Kirby (Lessons From The Fatosphere), Margitte Leah Kristjansson (Fat Body (In)Visible), and Brian Stuart (Red No. 3 Blog)

Fitness — Tuesday, February 21st at 8PM EST with Jeanette DePatie (The Fat Chick Works Out), Anna Guest-Jelley (Curvy Yoga)

Fatness/Queerness — Thursday, February 23rd at 3PM Eastern with Bevin Branlandingham (Queer Fat Femme), Charlotte Cooper (Obesity Timebomb), Jessica Jarchow (Tangled Up In Lace)

Politics/History — Tuesday February 28th at 8PM Eastern with Paul Campos (Obesity Myth), Amy Erdman Farrell (Fat Shame)